Pressure Washer

Things You Should Know About Pressure Washers

Of course, you can use a power washer for cleaning your driveway or deck. Know what other things you can clean with a power washer such as garbage cans, cushions, outdoor furniture and toys.

Pressure Washers

Never Forget to Put Some Soap

Most power washers have special nozzle and reservoir for spraying cleaning solutions or soap. It only depends on what you are cleaning, there is probably a special cleaning agent which can make your task a lot easier. In addition to that, degreasers are very good for driveways as well as a multipurpose home wash will help get rid of the grimes from your siding or patio. For an added speed, scrub the suds and leave them on for a few minutes prior to rinsing.

Double Check the Size of the Nozzle

Most power washers will come with different kinds of nozzles however, different makers mark the tips differently, therefore, do not ever rely on the color of the nozzles alone. You should always check the stamping on the tip.

Begin Slow with Nozzles

Most power washers come with various kinds of nozzles, basically ranging from zero to forty degrees angle. The lower the degree of the angle, the narrower and more powerful the stream is. You would want to begin with the greatest degree of angle. If it’s not cleaning the area, then move to a much lower degree. You should also ease into it and avoid damaging the surface which you are trying to preserve.

Outdoor Cushions

High-quality outdoor fabrics can be power-washed as well. Simply set the fabrics on a stable area and power wash it side to side, maintaining a safe distance of at least sixteen inches away from the work area. Also, dry them up by laying them in the sunlight or place them in your dryer.

Outdoor Furniture

Most composite wood patio furniture, wood, mesh and plastic can be power-washed. Put your furniture on the level surface away from your windows. Spot-clean tough stains using a rag or brush and soap. With a forty-inch tip, clean your furniture working from top to bottom. Furthermore, for painted surfaces (not done by the manufacturer), begin in a not so obvious spot in case the pressure of the water begins to remove the paint.


For surface made of wood such as the fence, start using a fifteen to twenty-five-degree tip. Begin at the top and then, move vertically in order to prevent unwanted streaks. Overlap every pass for a constant and regular cleaning and keep some distance of at least twelve to sixteen inches. If your fence is very soiled, use a detergent prior to power-washing.


For heavy dirt and stains such as oil on a driveway, use a degreaser to pretreat the surface. Then, with the use of a soap tip on the power washer, spray the whole surface with the detergent and make sure to rinse it before it totally dries up. An angle tip of 15 to 25 degrees will give enough power to wash away all the dirt and stains without harming the surface. Visit to know more information.

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Things to Know About Hiring a Pressure Washer Pro in Jacksonville 

Have you ever observed dirt at the exterior of your house? If your roof is full of algae or driveway with clogged leaves, a pressure washer can make everything sparkle in no time. A clean home will tell everything about the people living inside. You don’t want to live in a house full of dirt, right? 

You need to hire someone who will do the cleaning rather than doing it yourself. Why do you need to hire professionals to do the job rather than doing it for yourself? Pressure Washer

  1. Professional companies use the technique when it comes to killing mildew, algae, and woods. An expert Jacksonville pressure washing service will do the chemical work and ensures you that no damage will happen to your surroundings. 
  2. Pressure washing equipment is cheap but it is best when you leave it to pros. Doing this kind of work without experience can lead to injury. You need someone who has been doing this kind of job because they already know the precautions to take. Do not risk yourself by getting injured just because you want to save small bucks.
  3. Improper washing can lead to scarred woods, etched concrete, and even a broken window. It takes many years to get used to putting the right chemicals and therefore you leave this kind of job to the professionals. So, before you can cause more damage to your property, just hire someone for the job.


There are four categories of pressure washing. Mosty professional knows what type will use when you hire them for a job. It actually depends on the type of work you are asking them. Here are the categories to choose from. 

  1. Light-duty pressure washer. This kind of pressure washer has 2,000 PSI. If you plan on cleaning occasional outdoor spots such as a patio or a small deck, this is the best machine for you.
  2. Medium-duty pressure washer. If you want to clean your home driveway, fence or siding, this pressure washer is good for small jobs like these around the house. This machine can produce 2,000 to 2,800 PSI.
  3. Heavy-duty pressure washer. If you are going to clean large areas or concrete floors, you will need this kind of machine. The pressure level reaches between 2,900 to 3,300 PSI.
  4. Professional-grade pressure washer. This is an extraheavy-dutyengine which is designed to handle many types of works over a long period of time. The water pressure level for this type reaches 3,300 and higher PSI. 


How to Hire a Professional Pressure Washer? 

  1. Trust what your gut says. If you don’t feel working with someone you inquired, you have the right now to hire them. There are many options you can consider and companies to inquire about the job.
  2. Find out how long they have been in the business. This is to ensure that you choose only who are already experts in doing this service. Not just that, they also know how to handle customers, especially when there are adjustments on the job.
  3. Ask what chemical and equipment they will use. You only want to hire someone who uses the safest method for cleaning your things. Ask how many years have been they doing the specific method of cleaning.
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